Miu Miu on my Mind

I'll spare you the reasons why, but I haven't been able to get on Net-A-Porter since my big move to Minneapolis. It is one of my favorite designer web retailers, and as soon as I got back home, I nearly dddiieeedd at all the adorable new Miu Miu I've been missing out on!

Matelessé leather tote, silk-trimmed linen top, two-tone sequin clutch

embroidered cotton sweater, ruched leather clutch, cat motif beaded sweater

Can we just take a minute here to absorb the beauty? There are so many dreamy colors and textures to play around with. I love wearing all-black as much as the next person, but I feel like starting out 2012 with a lighter color palette, maybe to inspire a lighter and happier mood as I tackle my list of resolutions.

Okay. Maybe a few killer pieces. For contrast. You know.