H&M blazer, Delia's sweater, Madewell jeans, Forever 21 scarf, TOMS shoes

Here lies the remains of the second official snow of the season. Although the cold is absolutely biting, the sun has still been working its magic and melting away any hope of a snowball fight. 

I think it's time to invest in some fleece-lined leggings...I would go for the flannel-lined jeans if they came in denim legging styles! All I know is (and I'm sure my mother would agree) I'm going to need a little extra something if I expect to survive this winter. This thin pair from Madewell is not going to cut it.

This weekend I have lots of Secret Santa shopping to do, and I'm hoping that my first stop tomorrow will be Anthropologie! Julia, who shot my outfit photos awhile back, just started a seasonal job there and I can't wait to go say hi and see all the lovely decorations. Happy December!