Just Like Home

There's nothing like rain and forty degree weather to make you feel like you're in Seattle. It has rained officially once since I moved here, and I couldn't be more thrilled about the sogginess outside!

DAV rain boots, Miss Selfridge pants, A.L.C. sweater, Forever 21 hat and cuff, Kate Spade bag

My dreeeam rainy day outfit starts with the perfect boots, and this pair by DAV is the ultimate weatherproof solution. One trend I've been enjoying lately is metallic jeans. They add an unexpected element to your typical pant, and when paired with opposite textures and colors (such as in this lovely Kate Spade crossbody) makes for the perfect contrasting look.

The only thing that is not working for me in this weather is my hair. I curled it this morning and now it's flat. Flat, flat, flat sad hair. I'll just have to imagine myself in this outfit stomping around Seattle to brighten the rest of my Monday.