Ready Set Go (to Seattle!)

Berry-colored sparkle ornaments!

One of my favorite gifts from a past Christmas

My two favorites from November's Birchbox - Klorane's eye make-up remover and LaROCCA's acai body polish

Vintage picture bracelets, one that needs restringing

Two days until I take off for Seattle! I will miss my purple-ornamented Christmas tree and the jewels that I'm not packing, but am beyond excited to see my family and celebrate the holidays. The other thing I'm missing? This month's Birchbox! It won't arrive until after I leave, and I won't be able to get my mail until January! Booooo.

Okay, I am seriously all aflutter. I can't even sit down and write this. So enjoy ze photos and I'll be back on Monday hoooopefully with an outfit post! Happy holidaaaays :)