A Brighter Outlook

H&M coat, scarf, and boots, Levi's denim leggings, Target socks

I. Need. New. Jeans. Looking at these photos makes me want to burst into tears, as the knees of my favorite 535s are officially wearing out. In happier news, we got a bit of snow this morning which is brightening my whole world. I sat in a coffee shop with a friend today for over three hours, which is just the way I wanted to spend my Friday morning.

We've been so deprived of snow that I've barely had a chance to take my new boots out for a spin. I love them layered up with cozy socks. They pretty much define rugged chic for me, which is a look I will always love. 

Today is Friday, which means my THIRD GUEST POST is up on Meinto.com! Please go take a look and tell me what you think--I am so excited to be blogging for them during January and can't believe next week will be my last post!