January Joys

I haven't been this excited about a catalog from Free People in awhile. I literally just sat down to the computer after finding the catalog in my mailbox, and I definitely have a few favorite shots.

The catalogue's coast-to-coast theme begins in sunny California featuring model Jessica Hart in a picture-perfect patchwork look with a just-grungy-enough bohemian tee. The one piece I must must must own from the January book? The following fringe blazer. I cannot even speak about it! Anyone have a spare $1,200 to lend me? There are just way too many looks this jacket could complete.

Set in New York City, the second half of the catalogue features Karlie Kloss, who has the perfect face and figure for some jaw-dropping photos. I definitely agree with our favorite coast-to-coast blogger; I felt like I was flipping through a scrapbook of Nat's life!

I have a feeling I'm going to be reading through this catalogue for several months to come. So. Much. Perfection.