The Local Tourist

Steve & Barry's thrifted jacket, tee, Volcom corduroy leggings, Yosi Samra flats, SAS handbag

I miss Seattle so much I could practically write a song about it. I had so much fun snapping photos of my usual favorite places while out for coffee, even though I felt like a tourist with my huge camera. I even loved how the moving shot of the Space Needle from the freeway turned out!

My favorite denim jacket brought out a bit of the grunge in me (true to Seattle history). I love what Jonathon Poneman of Sub Pop Records said about grunge clothing: "It's cheap, durable, and kind of timeless. It runs against the grain of the flashy aesthetic that existed in the 80s." Pretty much described my denim jacket in that sentence. A stunner leather bag doesn't hurt either!

And here's a big guess what; I am sooooooo excited to kick off 2012 as Meinto's January Guest Blogger! Based in Miami, Meinto is an awesome website that collectively sells stock from small, local boutiques in Florida. I'm so honored that they contacted me about guest blogging, and I hope you guys get a chance to check out all of my posts throughout the month! You can read them here!