Weekend Wishes

Sometimes, I fall enough in love with a piece of clothing that my jaw actually drops in amazement. It's been happening  lot lately, so I decided to take advantage of this weekend post to let anyone who stumbles upon my blog have a good swoon.

The 'Marion' bag by Alexander Wang

It's been awhile since I found a classic bag that I feel I absolutely must own. If a bag could have my heart, the Marion would be the one to take it. The rose gold hardware against the rich toffee color is just about the best thing in life.

The perfect leather jacket from AllSaints

It's no secret that I want a leather jacket. I also want enough money to be able to afford a leather jacket, because I'm picky when it comes to the style. I want something that already looks broken in with just enough detailing to be unique--the braided edging on this one is perfection. And finally, the prettiest of pretty dresses from ShopRuche. Asymmetric lengths have been one of my favorite details for awhile now, and I'm convinced you can never go wrong with a pretty pink champagne color.

ShopRuche's 'Fairmont Formata' dress

These are the kinds of pictures that I leave open for weeks on my computer...just to look at whenever I need to think happy thoughts.