The LUSH Life

I get called a hippie a lot. Sometimes it’s for being vegetarian and sometimes it’s for wearing flowy clothing, but usually it’s because I love the Earth and taking care of it. I’m sure many of you are longtime LUSH customers, but as a new-to-me company, I have definitely been impressed with both their products and their environment-friendly attitude!

P.S. If you're new to my blog...I promise I don't usually write this much. Promise.

The first product I ever bought from LUSH was their new dry shampoo, which has a lovely lemon-y scent (not Pledge lemon-y) and absorbs oil really well. If you go to their store to find this, ask for a demonstration on how to apply it! The way they do it is way cool. The other shampoo I picked up is a daily-use shampoo bar. They have lots of options, but I picked out Squeaky Green with rosemary, nettles, and peppermint. My only advice is to rinse your hair quite thoroughly so you don't find sprigs of rosemary in your hair four hours later. If you have sensitive skin, I would try one of their other solid shampoo options because the herbs may irritate your scalp. This was my first shampoo bar ever, and I am super excited to try more (so easy to travel with too!).

I've never been loyal to any hair care line in the past (this was a waste of money...ew), but I can definitely see myself repurchasing from LUSH in the future. I tried out a little sample bottle of their American Cream conditioner, and first off--the smell! Yum! I almost want to add it to a smoothie! Whoa, nasty. Sorry. After using it for awhile, I decided I want something more hydrating for my hair, but if you like lightweight conditioners, this is the product for you. Finally, their Ocean Salt is a great exfoliant. It smells super fresh and has a perfect mixture of coarse and fine granules. Love its complexion-brightening properties as well.

LUSH even recycles the black tubs their products are sold in and give you free products when you return five at a time. Check out their green policy, ethical campaigns, history and more on their about page.

And of course, you can't go green for spring without a new nail color, can you? Ignore the fact that I'm wearing a huge sweater and the natural lighting in the photo is from the glow of a foot of snow outside, and just picture yourself on a beachy Greek Island with Essie's new color Navigate Her on your nails.

That's what I'll be doing the rest of the day.