Stylish Here, Stylish There

I tend to associate dress codes with removing all sense of personal style, but business casual doesn't have to be stiff and boring. 

So what if you have a bit of bohemia in you? Make it work, and not just through accessorizing.

Topshop, Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone

When on the hunt for a dark blazer, forget the word 'basic.' Most business casual looks don't leave room for anything exciting like sequins, but subtle details like color-blocked sleeves, a modern silhouette, or contrast piping are simple touchs that show you care just a little more than everyone else.

Knee-length skirt requirement? You won't feel like a gramma in these...

Marc Jacobs, Carven, Vivienne Westwood

Business casual sometimes doesn't leave much room for color. Instead of bright color accents, go for a strong fabric weave, a little-bit-less-than-A-line silhouette, or just enough of a statement pleat just to make things interesting.

Whatever you do, don't get bored, and be sure to keep your look professional. If your gut feeling is that a certain piece is pushing the limits a bit, don't risk your job over it!

Alice + Olivia trousers, Jil Sander top, Calvin Klein pumps, Melie Bianco satchel, By Malene Birger blazer, Marc Jacobs earrings

Okay, seriously. How cute are these little sunglasses-shaped stud earrings? No one in the office will be expecting something that cute and concealed...

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