Dream Job

Some of my favorite weather happens to be the in-between days; those days where it's too cool for shorts and too hot for a jacket, but warm enough to let your feet breathe in sandals. I have this graphic/chic Teen Vogue vibe on my mind recently. It turns moodboards into a mishmash of bright yet muted pieces, and playful yet sophisticated accessories.

Aubin & Wills blouse, Victoria Beckham jeans, Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Marc Jacobs bag, Yves Saint Laurent ring, Kate Spade stud earrings

But it's not just Teen Vogue's taste in clothes that I'll admire forever...right now I'm having serious job envy directed specifically at beauty editor Eva Chen and assistant Laurel Pantin, who get hundreds of beauty products delivered straight to their desks every day. At least they care enough to share their secrets with the rest of us!

Ms. Chen herself, her overflowing desk, lovely Laurel Pantin