Beach Essentials

Summer officially begins tomorrow, and I already know my favorite weekend activity will be laying on the beach at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. My beach essentials are always changing, but a few staples usually make their way in my bag each time.

1. Swimwear. I love mixing and matching coordinating colors and prints.

2. I'm on the hunt for the perfect floppy hat -- crucial for protecting head and shoulders!

3. Because sunscreen is much more fun to spray.

4. The honeydew flavor of EOS' little egg-shaped lip balm is perfect for summer.

5. I always stick a hair texturizing spray in my bag to enhance the beach hair look in case I end up going out somewhere after the beach.

6. The 2012 beach towel is animal print, naturally.

7. Sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes, but be wary of tan lines!

And it's Wednesday already! The weekend and the beach will be here before we know it.