Aadmodt's Apples

J.Crew top, scarf from Parc Boutique, Levis jeans, Minnetonka Moccasin feather moccasins

As a girl who loves fall, it's no surprise that apple orchards are one of my favorite places to visit in the autumn. We drove out to Stillwater to visit Aamodt's Apple Farm, picked a quarter-peck of apples, and I treated myself to a half-gallon of their probably famous cider. It was the perfect treat to enjoy (especially with a dot of whipping cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce) in a giant mug while burning my favorite fall candle and listening to the new Mumford & Sons album. I love laidback Sundays that let me get fully prepared to face Monday, the workweek, and the beginning of a new month.

Also, exciting news! Over the weekend I bought a web domain--Zipped will soon have a new URL. Stay tuned!