My Favorite Things

Gift giving is one of my favorite things about the Christmas season. Every year, gift guides tend to recycle themselves, but you never know what will spark a gift idea for someone, which is why I continue to create them! My gifts always tend to include a touch of the whimsical. I love pieces that can inspire a fresh attitude for the new year.

1. None of the men in my life use a day planner, but who's to say they won't when they see this one is a Moleskine Star Wars special edition?

2. This lovely arrow bracelet is the exact kind of whimsy I'm talking about. I love it so much, I already snapped one up for myself. Oops.

3. A modern desk clock for something both practical and stylish.

4. I've always wanted to get someone a paperweight. It just fits the "I have no idea what to get, so this seems appropriately practical yet pointless" bill. For the person that truly has everything.

5. The prettiest printed thermos! Practical and adorable.

6. Once in awhile, I'll let a store package the perfect gift for me. This Ciate set contains such lovely colors, and is a brand I've been wanting to try!

7. With the new film The Great Gatsby on its way next year, your giftee may want to catch up on their classical literature before viewing. Or you can just get them this Kate Spade clutch cleverly disguised as a book.

My gift guides aren't exactly profound. I'm not an expert on gift etiquette or what would be appropriate for whom and so on...they're more a curation of items that made me think, "Ooh, I need this and therefore I need to think of someone I can give it to." I hope you enjoy!