Be Mine

Valentine's Day has never been my favorite holiday. In fact, it has sort of become tradition for me to dress in all black when February 14th rolls around. Attempting to be ironic or brooding or something along those lines. But since last year's post-before-Valentine's day was an all-black ensemble, I decided to be a bit more mainstream this year.

Topshop dress, Bauble Bar necklace, Zara clutch, Goat Redgrave coat, Mia Abie flats, Essie's Splash of Grenadine

With a few shades of red/orange/pink, this look is just Valentine-y enough for me. And tying right in with the theme of love floating around, you do notttt want to miss Free People's lovely short film Roshambo. It's absolutely magical.

Happy Valentine's Day! Much love for all my readers.