FLUX // University of Minnesota Fashion Show

Over the weekend, graduating students in the fashion design program at the University of Minnesota presented their collections for Minneapolis/St. Paul Fashion Week. This is always one of my favorite events to attend! I was live-tweeting the whole thing and switching between my phone camera and my dSLR and was basically exhausted by the time it was over. Blogging feels like a sport at times...

One of my favorite lines of the night from Anna Sviben.

Ellie Hottinger -- one of my top two for the night!

Khampasith Davison & Kalia Bibeau

Khampasith Davison

Susan Vue, loved the silhouette and texture on this dress!

Claire Ward

. The florals with the black leather + clear vinyl was such a fun combination!

Mai Yang

Rika Van Heerde

There was a lot of ivory, plenty of floaty fabrics and luxurious textures, and definitely a clear vision to each student's line. I'm always so impressed by the amount of effort that goes into this show. Such a huge production and it went off seemingly without a hitch. 

Even with the blurrier photos...the magic is in the movement and the moment.

I also uploaded a couple of Vine videos from the show, which was an awesome app to experiment with during the event. If you have six seconds, watch one here!