Silly Boys, Suits are for Girls

I recently tweeted about my love for Robin Scherbatsky, a character on How I Met Your Mother who works a pantsuit like no other lady. With my recent discovery of the Maggy Frances collection (courtesy of The Zoe Report), my dreams of taking the menswear look to another level with a perfectly tailored pantsuit are that much closer.

Jenny coat + Nora pant, crew neck sweater + Marina pant, Edie blazerpant

Robin also believes in a good pair of heels, so maybe the fact that I want to, you know, BE her will be the motivation I need for that first pair of pumps.

Fall Styles:

Minkoff d'Orsay



And finally, your classy-yet-quirky work look isn't complete without one of these Kate Spade Saturday beauties. Their bags come at a great price point with a streamlined, no-nonsense look that's right up my alley. Mom: might as well consider this my Christmas list.

Cut-Out-Handle satchel, Inside-Out-Pocket tote, Large A satchel