Sandal Saviors

As I've gotten older, I've gotten pretty weird about feet. Don't like touching them, don't like seeing them, don't like talking about them. That being said, I've developed quite an affinity for closed-toe sandals and pieces like d'orsay flats. I love covering and revealing unexpected areas of le foot rather than slapping a couple of plastic straps on your feet and calling them shoes.

BC Footwear, JustFab, Valentino

I'm a big fan of the sandal/boot mashup, and the strappier the better. Lighter metallics and fabrics add such a romantic airiness to a look that even a chunky boot can pass as a feminine piece.

Paired with a cotton blouse, silk shorts, and a colored leather bag, dressing for summer date night doesn't get much easier.

American Eagle blouse, Kate Spade Saturday bag
Via Spiga shoes, Rebecca Taylor shorts