Faraway Festival

The world in which I dress is very black and white. Once in awhile, usually around the months surrounding desert dreams of music festival street style, I take a moment to offer you an explosion of colors and prints. I feel like attending Coachella (not I, unfortunately) lets you become someone else for a weekend. A festival girl. A bindi-marked Vanessa Hudgens. A bohemian child of the desert, just for a day. 

One Teaspoon shorts, Street Level handbag, Guess ring, Converse high-tops, Bauble Bar necklace, Boohoo dress, NARS lipstick, Billabong backpack, J.Crew sunglasses, Vans sneakers

Some may question bringing a pair of $300 sunglasses on vacation, but I can say from experience wearing a pair of cheap frames all day isn't comfortable. Sunglasses have always been one of my splurge items. In fact, save/splurge items was a topic Falen and I hit on her PODCAST!

the other day. I tend to spend excessive amounts of money sunglasses and ankle boots. What are your favorite items to splurge on?