Denim District

Bella Dahl denim shirt  |  J.Crew Pixie pants  |  Unnown Footwear sneakers  |  Kate Spade Saturday handbag  |  Ray-Ban sunglasses

You know how everyone has that one little thing about their appearance that they're forever insecure about? Well, I have a few of those, and here is one: I've been hiding my ears as long as I can remember. Weird, right? I've always felt like they stick out just far enough that they bother me when I wear my hair up. For maybe the past five or eight years I've made myself late to school or work in the morning because there was absolutely no way I could toss my hair up in an ear-revealing ponytail in the morning, which meant taking the time to thoroughly curl my hair and style it to perfection. 

Nowadays? They're ears. They're fine. Who cares. Ponytails for all. I'm not aware of any conscious changes to my attitude other than maybe I'm growing up? Maybe accepting whatever irked me about my body before is a sign of maturity? The wavering uncertainty of it all—navigating adulthood, that is—amuses me every day. What a time of life.