For a Rainy Day

Aritzia trench coat  |  Madewell scarf  |  Gap denim  |  Zara boots

I'm sure we all have memories from a rainy day. A grey and drizzly day sets a dramatic stage—a muddy outdoor marathon, getting through a shouting match with someone you love, your wedding day or a breakthrough on your first novel—a dark sky just heightens any tension. Adds an epic layer. 

I might take more notice of things that happen when it rains since it's my favorite kind of weather, which is a fact that you don't have to know me well to realize. One of my life goals is to experience rain in every corner of the world, and I can't help but smile when I say I can now check New York City off my list. I woke up to the drops drumming across my windowpane at the Hotel Empire a few weeks ago, and walked four windy, giggly blocks with my sister before we found shelter in the subway tunnels on our way to midtown. I wish I could go back to this day of hot cappuccinos and Central Park strolls. Bryant Park and Grand Central Station. The New York Library and the warm, welcoming waffle cart somewhere along Broadway. Rain will never hold me back from saying yes to an adventure.