'Tis the Season

...for giving!

I usually give friends and family a variety of ideas for different budgets when they ask what I want for Christmas. I never want people to have a hard time coming up with something to buy or make for me, because as we all know, giving is way better than receiving!

I'm always on the lookout for new mugs, and a little bird told me that the selection at Anthropologiethis year is one to watch.

Piecrust mug, Monogrammed mug, Papaver mug

Another fun thing to give or get during the holidays is jewelry. Forever 21's affordable prices allow you to pick out several pieces to toss into a goody bag to mix and match with each other!

Prism cross necklace, open stitch neck warmer, braided hinge bracelet, purple cosmos nail color, embellished envelope clutch

Another classic idea is a subscription to a magazine that interests the recipient. Two of my faves are continually on my list...

Feel free to share your favorite things to give or get in the comments!