So many things to cover! First things first...

Bbiiiigggg congratulations to the giveaway winner, which is...Aimee! Yeehaw. I can't wait to do another giveaway for you guys; this one was way fun for me.

Onto the first of a funnnn three-part post!

I read a great article a couple weeks ago about Stacy London and her newest endeavor, where she was holding a workshop with aspiring stylists. The twenty or so she was talking to were all assigned scenarios to create outfits for, and then explain why they worked. No one was allowed to say, "Because it looks good."

Here is my answer to the three scenarios presented (this post being the first scenario), and why they work.

And it's not just because they look good.

Kid's Afternoon Birthday Party


One Vintage blouse, 7 for all Mankind jeans, Lanvin flats, Lucky Brand earrings, Dogeared bangles

My idea of running around after four-year-olds does not include a dress. I chose these gorgeous, dark tailored jeans (Stacy, aren't you proud?) as a comfortable + flattering base. For the top, I wanted to avoid white (kid's birthday party? no brainer) and obvious "fun" prints, like stripes and polka dots. I feel like the composition of the different fabrics in this flowy top execute my classy/chic/fun vibe. Comfy flats and simple jewelry give some pretty and easy flair.

Because these outfits demand explanations, posts for the next couple days might include copius amounts of text. Bummer for you if you just like the pictures.

P.S. I GOT MY SNOW THIS MORNING! Also, thank you Elaine for emailing me with the link to the post I was looking for!