My Non-Christmas List

1. Blazer


2. Lace-up booties

Bernardo, Seychelles, Kelsi Dagger

3. Fingerless gloves

Topshop, Urban Outfitters, UGG Australia

I always make lists of staple pieces I want to have in my closet; like the kind of pieces that "every girl should have." A blazer is a classy piece that can make anything look elegant. Lace-up ankle boots are huge trend items right now; the ones by Seychelles are so good. And I'm going through a little phase with fingerless gloves lately. They have half the fabric, and twice the coolness.

My next paycheck is going to have to be wisely budgeted...what's on your list of closet staples?


2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

I love finding people just starting out like me. It's like we form a little friendly support group! It's so inspiring. But I'm a huge foodie too; I love following health food blogs!