Outer Wares

Loving the comments on yesterday's post! I see I'm not alone in my style indecision. So, flowy, floral dress or leather leggings and boots today...?

I have always wanted a long coat, but I've never got around to purchasing one. My nervous anticipation of what is supposed to be our worst winter since 1950 has me thinking this might be an emergency necessity. I'm preparing to bundle up. But like any fashion blogger/addict, when I read the words "bundle up," all I see is "LAYERS!"

Topshop long brown wool coat + rust tassel scarf, Juicy Couture leather bomber, AllSaints white fur bomber, Delia's navy toggle coat, Vince olive anorak, Diane von Furstenburg silk snood (or donut, whatever it looks like to you), Target mittens

I saw this white bomber coat while I was at AllSaints last week, and it was just as lovely in person. I didn't hesitate before trying it on (who hesitates before trying on a $1,320 coat?) and felt like I was wearing a cloud! I could have floated out of the store with it on, but then I decided that I probably shouldn't take out a second mortgage to look pretty.

Just kidding, I don't even have a first mortgage. I live in the basement of my parent's house. Because I spend all my money buying clothes. And jewelry.

Meera (an incredibly passionate 13-year-old girl with an inspiring positive outlook on life, and more maturity + taste than some people twice her age!) tagged me to do ten questions  awhile ago, so I decided to answer them individually up until Christmas. Sooo...some stuff about meeee! Thanks M :)

1. Why did you create your blog?

My mom. I wasn't working and spent most of my time shopping online and making moodboards, so my mom encouraged me to put it on the Internet and start blogging. All of the pieces were there, but my mom is essentially the instigator of Zipped. (Love you, Mom!)