Dress Up

I'm playing dress up today...and I thought my glasses might add to the professional/librarian look, haha! 

Speaking of librarians, have you guys read any good books lately? I need something to fill my spare time.

Thrifted Clío blouse, American Apparel pocket skirt, Steve Madden pumps, vintage Coach bag

I got a couple of more questions after this post, so here are answers! I shared here that I have tons of creative writing under my (vintage leather) belt, which explains the first question.

What kinds of things do you write about?

1. Most of my writing revolves around social situations + soul-searching teenage girls who are unsure of their futures (um, that sounds eerily familiar).

Are you in fashion school?

2. I wish. I'm taking a break from college right now, but later I want to get degrees in fashion styling/design and creative writing. My plans are always changing though. I could be in accounting next week, you never know...(especially if I can wear this outfit to work.)

Off to lunch with my aunt! While I'm gone, enjoy some of Free People's lovely crochet treasures...I definitely can't wait to float around in these all spring and summer.