Grammar and Jeans and Cookbooks

Sometimes I think I would be cooler if I didn't strive to use correct punctuation and grammar in my posts, but I know how much it would bother me. It's enough that I'm too lazy to use proper grammar and mechanics everywhere else around the web. I take a lot of pride in my blog, so I figure that I might as well use proper grammar. I even have an editor! Bet you didn't know that. 

(It's a volunteer position.)

I got an email this week about these tooo dieee forrr Madewell High Riser jeans. I need some in my closet like, tomorrow. They deserve an outfit collage.

Madewell jeans, Rick Owens cardigan, Philosophy di Alberta Feretti tank, Hive and Honey shoes, Kate Spade bucket bag, Noir sword wrap ring, Gorjana silver ring, House of Harlow tribal ring

I think I need a pair of peep-toe ankle boots. Whenever I see them on someone else, they add so much character. I think they'll be a good transitional shoe for spring. See how easy it is to talk myself through things? Now I have a reason to buy them. I need winter-to-spring shoes.

Stay tuned for a giveawaaayyy coming soon! Thanks for all the book suggestions. I just started The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman, but I'll definitely check into all your suggestions when I'm done.

How great are these finds from the antique store my aunt owns?  Furry moccasins, a wool fedora, and pretty pins + rings.