Take Me Home Country Roads

I went to my cousin's baby shower the other day. It is an all day trip, but worth it for the company and scenery. My outfit was perfectly comfy with a bit of style from my leather boots and huge scarf. 

I love the mix of solid colors with textures from the chunky knit scarf, smooth cognac boots, and woven red bag. I'm always shy around my mom's side of the family because I don't see them often, but I really do love the hugs I get a few times a year.

It was all very rush rush, but we stopped to snap a few photos on old Jackson Highway. This was just before it started pouring rain, but I was finally able to grab a soy latte on the drive home which warmed me up.

OK, shoes: I want some new ankle boots. Option:

The SixtySeven Mustang boots: a perfectly rugged shade of brown, and a low, walkable heel. My only question is are they too much like edgy pumps rather than ankle boots? I'm trying to seriously consider any purchases I make this month :) Have a lovely weekend! I can't believe it's Friday already again!

(Need some outfit inspiration? I am tooootally loving Kristina's style! Check it here.)