Making Statements

Fun fact: before I started zipped, I was this close to starting a food blog. I wanted to call it Twelfth Bite or Much Ado About Noshing to combine my love of food and Shakespeare. I even wrote three or four mock posts, pretended I shot amazing photography, and basically ran a food blog in a Word document.

I still love food and eating and cooking, but I now know that I wouldn't make it as a food blogger. I'd get distracted by shopping online. I spent almost this whole weekend tracking down statement earrings. I found a few faaave pairs from Free People!

Update: image hosting service unfortunately no longer exists, use your imagination!

I usually follow the guideline to focus the outfit around a statement piece, whether it's jewelry or a handbag or shoes. The rest of the outfit? Stunner basics.

T by Alexander Wang tank, MIH boyfriend jeans, Cocobelle sandals, Julie K crossbody

Statement earrings, specifically feathery ones, have hit it big since Pretty Little Liars debuted, thanks to genius costume designer Mandi Line. There's such a big following regarding fashion on the show that (call me cliché) I honestly believe it's changing the way middle- and high-school girls get dressed in the mornings. The way the clothes are put together and styled is so inspiring. I almost want to do a steal-their-style post on each of the main girls...

Another fun fact? I don't actually go by Chelsea Lane (but don't worry if you've called me that! I don't mind). I can't even remember entering it on Blogger anywhere, but I guess I must have. Lane is my middle name, but I've always liked it. I make appearances in half a dozen states... ;)