March Madness

I got to take part in my first everrrr blogger meet-up this week, with Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty! We've been talking for a few months and knew we had to meet up when she came to Seattle for a shoot.

I had so much fun with this girl! It was drizzly alllllll day, and most of our time was spent walking and talking while we searched for a plate of fries (sweet potato fries at the chowder house hit the SPOT!). The rain messed our hair and froze our hands, but in the name of adventure.

We stopped in the middle of the street for outfit photos, people were waiting for us and walking around us (in the middle of busy Pike Place Market). I felt much better taking her photos but my mind went blank once I was supposed to pose; still, shooting was so much fun!

We shopped and talked about our favorite blogs and generally made a ruckus downtown. Seattle is FULL of "interesting" people...(guy standing creepily close to Natalie trying to give her "posing" tips...yeah, let's not go there.)

Taking her photos was really cool, I loved seeing Natalie at work in front of the camera! She's so beautiful and I love how her bright red coat totally lightened up the whole day. She fit right in with her cool Seattle street style :)

Had so much fun with this girl and can't wait to see her again! It was deffiinniittellyyy a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Neat giveaway happening on Monday! Time to start a busy Friday before the weekend comes...