The Finer Things

My mom always tells me what expensive taste I have, and judging by the items that have caught my eye lately, I can't exactly argue...

Azzaro crystalled dress ($6,035), Valentino clutch ($845), Clube Bossa swimsuit ($510)

Anything pretty, striking, simple, and sweet is my uniform for spring. But then, I am a compulsive thrifter, so maaaaybe a cheaper option is available...? Especially for that Azzaro that costs as much as a nice used car...

Some of my faaaavorite thrift finds are skirts, many of which were previously expensive. I decided to share a few with you, just to give a short preview of my warm weather wardrobe!

Kimchi Blue ($2), Marc by Marc Jacobs ($2)

I would style BOTH of these super easily with a light blouse, chic flats, and simple jewelry! 

Erin Brinie top, F21 necklace, Hive and Honey leather bracelet, Yosi Samra flats

There are lots of exciting things planned for Zipped right now that I know you guys will love! Look out for a few chances to win some amaaazziinnnggg pieces and also, a big addition to my blog coming soon :)