Many of you know that I visited my sister in Minneapolis a few weeks ago! For my trip, the very kind people at Travalo sent me a handy little device that was an angel to travel with.

The Travalo is a compact, travel-sized perfume spritzer that you can fill with any perfume you already own!

It's super easy to figure out and is a little photo sesh of me filling mine!

Once the nozzle of your perfume is off, you just pump it up and down and in goes the perfume into the container.  I never go anywhere without it anymore! Couldn't wait to share it with you guys.

As bloggers, we all spend tons of time on the Internet/computer, and one of my favorite things that comes from those hours in front of the screen is discovering new products + stores! I was justttt introduced to Henri Bendel and have already been picking out favorites to add to my cart.

There are just too many things that I know I need to have! They have so many good prints and details on the accessories. Everything is just so perfectly cute.

P.S. The photos from the shoot I participated in are still being edited, but this morning in an email from ShopbopI found an almost sneak peek for you guys! The ADAM S/S 2011 show is direct inspiration for hair and make-up on the shoot.

Yes, we kept the face natural. 

Yes, I rocked a skygrazing ballerina bun. You guys will get to see it soon, pprroomiisee. Until then, have a great Wednesday and look for an outfit post on Friday!