Sandal Weather

F21 blouse, Nordstrom tank, BDG jeans, favorite sandals 

This is my weekend blouse and my tribal sandals at the waterfront. The sunshine, exposed brick, and weathered wood made me happy. 

And I got to thinking, all of you probably don't know much about me. So I compiled a list of the most important things.

I got glasses in fourth grade and contacts in ninth

I have two brothers and two sisters

I have had five teeth pulled in addition to four wisdom teeth

I love having coffee in the morning

I don't eat meat

Two movies I could watch forever are

The Princess Diaries and Ever After

I will always love Seth Meyers

My hair used to be cut to my chin

I have been writing since first grade

I try to be nice to everyone

I modeled in a photoshoot two weeks ago, and you can see the first image by clicking HERE!