Field Trip

Vintage dress, H&M blazer & sunnies, Marc Ecko bag, random sandals, F21 + vintage jewels

This post is random in a few ways. 

Random #1: I found this gorgeous field down the street from my house, and I had no idea it was here. 

Random #2: I always had this preconceived notion that that I hated everything Marc Ecko. But then my mom and I found this bag, fell in love, and each paid for half. We take turns.

Random #3: I've had these sandals for several years and still wear them. They were like $20, but they're so comfy and molded to my feet after so much wear. 

Random #4: I bought these sunnies when my sister and her husband took our car on their honeymoon with both of my Ray-Bans inside. Love the vintage shape!

You know what else I'm loving? Fridaaaaaaaaays. You?