Sale Away

My collages and moodboards tend to include luxe designer pieces that come with a luxe designer price tag, but realistically I shop for things that won't cost me three-months-worth of groceries. 

Sale could be my middle name.

Anda and Masha by Selima ($134), Juicy Couture ($32)

Headpieces are one of my favorite summer accessories, and I love these two different selections on sale at Revolve Clothing. The hat still may be a bit of a splurge, but when you consider the huuuuuge discount...yeah, my mind just works like that.

BB Dakota ($37), Sauce London ($43)

Always on the hunt for the perfect summer dress, I love this muted floral print with pretty little buttons up the back. The light floral tee is like my dream top; two qualifications are 1. perfectly floaty and 2. off-the-shoulder, which gives this tee a perfect score.

See? I can shop smart. It's not all runway and Barney's.

Thakoon, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Antik Batik

Wait, how'd those designer handbags get in there? Sorry. I guess it's an addiction. At least they're on sale?