Biggest Fan

For awhile now, I've wanted to put up an all black and white post. Since this outfit was mainly muted tones I went for it, especially since it turned the shots I snapped of Ian McFeron Band into art!

Free People top, thrifted jacket, BDG jeans, Kensie sandals

My sister and I took a day trip to 5th Ave in Seattle to see one of our favorite bands! I promise not to go on and on and on and on about Ian's genius, but if you are a bluegrass/Americana/folk/blues fan, check them out! His hair was a lot shaggier than the last time I saw him :)

Pretty sure this is the quintessential "Chelsea" outfit...layered neutrals on top, dark on bottom, and little bits of bohemian jewelry. My outfits must be the easiest in the world to replicate...just include lots of grey, a great pair of skinnies, and probably a floppy hat. And iced coffee, which I would definitely call my favorite accessory this summer! LOTS of crazy things happening this upcoming week! Can't wait to share with you all :)