Pants Please!

Some of us were just born pants girls

I am a daily and devout wearer of denim, and will always prefer a pair of jeans over a favorite skirt! But I'm not a slacks girl, so what about the days where denim just won't do?


You can find cropped trouser styles like this super easily at places like H&M, Forever 21, and as pictured, ASOS. They are usually pretty inexpensive, between $20 and $40, so they are perfect for a small budget. Equal parts casual + chic!

For the more daring females, I encourage you with all my heart to go for a pair of PRINTED trousers like these stylish ladies shot for Elle UK.

Their layered neutral looks are perfect with a flash of texture from a pair of awesome pants. Topshop has a zillion amazing pairs, and I am loving the few pairs I found at Forever 21.

Top row Forever 21

Bottom row Topshop

So many girls I talk to prefer dresses and skirts, and I am not one of them! Time to get creative! ...And brave enough to wear some of those groovy printed pieces...