From One to the Next

Sparkle break! I love sequins, but there may be such a thing on this earth as "glitter overload" (just don't ask Kayla).  I'm happy with everything the layered hobo look has to offer for winter. Throw in an anorak and I'm good.

Elizabeth and James maxi skirt, Topshop sweater + hat, Mea Shadow ankle boots, Modcloth infinity scarf, Louis Vuitton duffle via Yoogi's Closet

I want to take a second and talk about "bipolar dress." It's a term for that personal style that lets you go out looking like a bum one day and a supermodel the next day. A rockstar one day and a garden fairy the next day. The kind of girl that dresses according to her mood. This is the kind of girl the moodboards of Zipped dresses. This is the kind of girl I am. I have such a variety of clothes that I can get dressed in whatever style I deem appropriate in the morning, from Bond girl to flower child to flannel-clad ranch hand.

Are any of you this way? Or do you have a one-word label that wholly encompasses your style?

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