Hair and Questions

You guys ask me so many great questions through comments, email, and Twitter that I thought I would round-up the five questions I get asked most often.

1. I don't wear extensions or dye my hair!

2. I don't use Polyvore for my moodboards; I just use the Paintbrush app on my Macbook.

3. I can always give you more information on any clothing item you see on zipped. I get lots of emails asking about certain pieces, so you can always inquire after something you love!

4. I work in Seattle and live nearby. I was also born here, so I am a true Washingtonian.

5. I've been undecided for a few years, but right now my future career is in fashion styling.

Speaking of my hair, it decided to make an appearance today.

Dress from Boho Chic, a local vintage store; vintage belt from some hole-in-the-wall place in U Village, Seattle

Okay. Let's talk about my hair. This is my natural hair (above photo). I get tonssss of comments (online and offline) about my hair. I guess because it's long and blonde. Someone asked about my hair care routine, so here it is. I get a trim two or three times a year (waaay less often than you're supposed to). I use Organix shampoo because it's paraben and sulfate-free, and every week or so, I use a deep-cleaning shampoo by Pantene. I don't use many products, but I like BWC natural hairspray, and I use a hair mask every few months. I don't really blow-dry my hair, I barely ever straighten it, and I just curl a few sections when I want it to look more...peppy.

And that concludes my hair story. Vintage shopping tomorrow! I'm using these pieces from Betty Jean Vintage as inspiration; her finds are lovely.