The Next Jo March

I'm a writer. Did you guys know that?

Well, obviously, as I write this blog, but as in fiction. Novels. Stories. Books. I started in grade school when I wrote a book about a father coming home from war at Christmas (looking rip off of Little Women). After that, my best friend at the time and I wrote one about a hamster or a mouse and got her dad to do illustrations for it.

I love all things literary. I miss writing papers in school. What can I say? My brain is a half-filled Balenciaga satchel just waiting to be stuffed. Or a sponge that soaks up endless information.

Take your pick. I'm partial to the handbag simile myself.

Balenciaga satchel, Steve Madden boots, Modcloth dress, Theory jacket, Dogeared earrings, Marc Jacobs ring

While I was gone last week, another thing I did was sit by the window listening to the rain while I continued researching + writing my newest idea for a novel, which involves a semi-dysfunctional upper-class family and a week in Paris. It was so very calming and inspiring.

And I have a couple new rings to show you guys!

The second one reminds me a bit of the YSL Arty. On a budget. And PS, you guys are so ridiculously nice to me I just want to send you all a card. Thank you for all your comments; they're special.

Have a lovellyyyy weekend! I'm saving my best finds for a real outfit post, haha.