Little Inspiration

With this crazy weather in the Pacific Northwest, I love any winter-to-spring outfit. This one includes a sweater and boots, but has a few elements of spring with the shorter skirt, straw hat, and natural jewels. Tights and a trench are super easy layers to add if the winter chill is too brisk to bear!

Update: image hosting service unfortunately no longer exists, use your imagination!

The outfit collages I make usually start from discovering one item while shopping; this time, it was the skirt. Then (here's the crazy part) instantly, an entiiiiiire outfit image flashes into my head and I spend hours looking for the pieces to recreate it. I love the process and the feeling of working hard to make my vision come true.

To brighten up your Monday, I had to post of a few photos of six-year-old fashion blogger Georgie Blue, who is both amusing and intriguing.

Georgie is a Wee People fan (girl after my own heart!), and effortlessly creative in everything she does. And her mom acts as her blog transcriptionist! I love every thought that comes from that powerful little mind; Georgie is such a gem.

Talk to you guys later, I hope you have a great week! Thanks for all your nice words. :)