A (Sudden) Change of Season

Todaaaaay is virtual Open Mic night, created by Ashley from(Never Home)maker, to let bloggers showcase their creativity/talents. I decided to post a bit of poetry! A couple weeks ago, I finished this poem in moments; just one of those things that came to me, I suppose.

I have been at the base of a mountain.

I've seen from where it grows.

Where it stops, I do not know,

Only from miles away.

One step forward or one step behind

Means nothing on scales this grand.

It's how many are taken, going skyward or ground,

That will lead you ahead or astray. 

It has a back story, but I promise it's not as deep as it may sound! I like how the irregular rhyme scheme turned out. Check (Never Home)maker for other submissions (and because Ashley is generally incredible).

Lately I've been using Tag.Loudly, a site created by Sophia Chou to easily label (with links!) any photos/moodboards I feature on zipped. It's an invite-only site, so if you want to sign up, you can use in the invite code CHELSEA here thanks to Sophia! So cool to be able to host + tag + like photos all on one site.

Photos above: taken a couple of days ago.

Photos below: taken yesterday, after getting buried with two feet of snow. Weird.

Update: image hosting service unfortunately no longer exists, use your imagination!